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Marketing Collaborator - Single Board Computers

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Novasom Industries is situated in Europe and USA and is specialized in design, production and selling of industrial single board computer to an international market since 2004. Thanks to the long experience, an innovative and practical vision of the market, the company is a solution provider supporting its customers in all phases.

We are looking for collaborators, all over the world, in order to support our marketing area, and in particular for web marketing.
Professionals must possess technical skills related to the world of boards, and ability to write good texts in English.
The task that we intend to commit is to write various technical articles related to the boards, performing comparisons, reviews, insights on possible applications, etc ...

The articles will be published on the Novasom Industries website and on various websites, portals and external blogs.
The remuneration will be agreed based on the capacity and experience of the collaborator.

If you believe in this description , send us a CV marketing marketing@novasomindustries.com, our recruiter will evaluate quickly and get you a reply.

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Novasom Industries

Our industrial single board computer lines and embedded systems have been designed after years of experience in industrial problem solving, working side by side with our customers to deliver products that fit specific needs solving problems. Our industrial SBCs come with different sets of features to serve different purposes, however they all share three important characteristics that are fundamental for industrial applications: safety, stability and flexibility.
Every one of our standard solutions is ready to be used in many specific fields. We can surely add value to your project, working together on your needs, up to the design of an SBC specifically developed for your project.


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e-mail: marketing@novasoindustries.com - Sito web: https://www.novasomindustries.com

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